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Paid Search

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All the major search engines offer pay per click services which will generate higher visitor numbers and drive potential customers to your shop. The most famous of them is Google who besides AdWords also offers a variaty of related services as well, that will help you get better at converting those visitors in to potential buyers.
Bing search engine is the second biggest player in the search engine landscabe and their pay per click service is called Bing Ads, soon to be part of Microsoft Advertising. Bing Ads already serve all AOL search inventory and soon Yahoo will be part of that merger too.
This will create a new interesting platform for merchants to advertise their products on, that will be able to offer a volume of search queries closer to that off Google Search Engine.
The above meger will make Baidu the third biggest search engine on the market, and Baidu offers paid search as well.
Your geographic location is not so much off importance when it comes to paid search, however if you look for customers with a specific geografic location, like for instance Asia, you might want to look at Baidu from China that grows rapidly every year.
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Organic Search

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seo organic search optimization
Organic search is the number off clicks that is generated only on your search rank and content. While Paid Ads will generate visitors regardless off the content in your shop, Organic search numbers or clicks in your shop, comes from people finding you on the net, hence the importance off the search rank.
Search rank is based on a number off factors, such as how much relevant content your shop have besides the products, page speed, interaction on social medias and how mobile friendly your shop is.
When optimizing websites and web shops towards the specific requirements from the search engines, there is a few differences between them. Most commonly known is probably that the Bing search engine relies heavily on the meta tags when deciding which sites to serve on a specific search query, while the Google search engine will look more at your meta desciption.
But before your site will be shown on a any serch query, your shops content have been indexed by the search engines, and your search rank have been determined upon the factors mentioned above as well as a number of other factors.