1.Commerce and Prices.
When you purchase a service or a product from janmeiselweb.dev, the prices include 25% VAT and the transaction follows the terms and condition for on-line trade in Denmark and the EU.

All transactions are made through Pay-Pal on secure connections, using HTTPS.

Customized solutions are not refundable, due to (Danish and EU law) ‘Lov om Forbrugsaftaler’, Chapter 4, §18, section. 2,3). When a production of any kind is tailored for customers specific instructions, the end user renounces any right, to any form of refund and/or return of the customized software, from/to the developer.

3.Privacy & Cookie Policy:
This site is GDPR compliant on protection of personal data.
Janmeiselweb.dev as a company does not gather any information, on our users, containing personal informations.
We use Google Analytics, to follow our users behavior on our site, in order to improve our products.
In that process Google uses a set of cookies to collect information and report website usage statistics without personally identifying individual visitors to JanMeiselWeb.dev. Only information about how many visitors we have, which pages they looked at and how long time they spent on our site as well as geographic location.

The main cookie used by Google Analytics is the ‘__ga’ cookie. You can read more about what kind of cookies Google use here
In addition to reporting website usage statistics, Google Analytics can also be used, to help show more relevant ads on Google properties (like Google Search) and across the web as well as to measure interactions with the ads Google show.
You have an option in your browser to control the usage of Cookies:


4.By downloading and/or using any software from janmeiselweb.dev you agree to the following terms:
Any use of software or code downloaded from, or provided by JanMeiselWeb.dev, as well as software or code provided from third party links, is done solely at your own risk.
Neither JanMeiselWeb.dev or the developers of Open Source code, provides any kind warranty to the software code, only guidelines on how to install and run the software safely.
All software downloadet from JanMeiselWeb.dev and from the Open Source developers official sites, are virus scaned and safe to use when following the guidelines for standard protection of your system, using anti virus software, VPN and backup procedures during data transports, such as downloads.

By using and/or installing any app, template, software or code produced or provided by JanMeiselWeb.dev, as well as any software or code provided by third party links from JanMeiselWeb.dev, you agree that you as end user, are solely responsible for providing the adequate protection and backup required, due to standard procedures during data transfers such as downloads, as well as following guidellines provided by JanMeiselWeb.dev's and/or the developers of Open Source software and code.

The above also includes damages to any amount of data and/or equipment, that might have been damaged or showed malfunction in connection with downloading and/or installing software, downloaded at this website, (janmeiselweb.dev), as well as any software or code downloaded from third party links, linked to from this website, (janmeiselweb.dev).
Hence you agree to, by downloading and/or installing any software or code from janmeiselweb.dev or any software or code downloadet from third party links at this site (janmeiselweb.dev), that janmeiselweb.dev can not be held liable for any damages that you might have suffered in connection with downloading or/and installing the software or code.

The above also includes any destribution or redistribution of Templates, Themes, software or code provided by JanMeiselweb.dev that were part of a transaction, as well as any software provided from links to third party Open Source software at this site (JanMeiselWeb.dev) uder the following EULA (End User Agreement Licences) licences: Creative Commons, GNU, MIT, GPL and Apache.

Further more then, you agree that no advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from us, or from this website, shall create any warranty of any kind, for the use and/or installation of the software.